Create a cozy home with rugs

by Tina Allmendinger27.12.2022
Create a cozy home with rugs

Rugs are undoubtedly true artists. They can change the appearance of a room and also the feeling of space a lot. Rugs can be used to define zones in a room, separate them or bring them together.

Today, rugs are available in an infinite number of textures and sizes and can withstand the most varied of needs. They're not always practical and easy to maintain, but their looks and design are second to none.

A rug is an integral part of home decoration. There are a few things to consider when choosing a rug. Here are a few tips:

Good feeling

The softness and comfort of a rug bring well-being, because they are much softer than hard floors. In fact, a rug is the softest and most comfortable floor covering you can lay on the floor of your home. In some countries and cultures, rugs are also used for seating. Also children also like to play on the floor. And so the rug is almost indispensable in the baby's and kids's room.


Not only that rugs are more comfortable because they are softer, but they also provide thermal insulation. In the colder months, a rug in the dining room, living room and also in your home office will keep our feet warm and comfortable. Cold concrete floors in modern homes, can be covered with thick and warm rugs to make them cozy. If you put rugs in your home, you can reduce the heating costs in your home in the long run.

Photo by tabitha turner on Unsplash

Noise reduction

If you have children, you will quickly find that rugs contribute significantly to noise insulation. On the one hand, running steps and jumping noises are dampened, which is not only noticeable on the same floor, but especially on the floor below. In addition, rugs also reduce noise such as echoes or sounds that come in from outside. So rugs not only insulate against cold but also against noise.

Integration of furniture and decoration

Without a rug, the furniture and decoration almost seem as if they are floating in a room. If you put a rug under a seating area in the living room or dining room, for example, it instinctively looks grounded. This in turn helps to make a room feel pleasant, comfortable and cozy.

How to lay a rug:

As we have seen, a rug can be used for different purposes. Rugs come in countless different designs, colors and patterns. Yes, there is a rug for every need and every room and in all different price ranges, from handmade and hand-knotted rugs to sophisticated machine-made synthetic rugs. To lay a rug in a living room, for example, the following rule applies:

Teppich Platzierung

If you want to buy a carpet, I hope that I could help you with my tips.

Take care,

cover photo: by Juli Kosolapova on Unsplash

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Create a cozy home with rugs

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