You will find below the services that I propose to best meet your project and to help you make your interior and your outdoor space to your preferred place!

Creating Your Dream Home in Provence or on the Côte d'Azur

Looking to infuse a distinct identity into your new home? Or you are not content with your current house or apartment? 

My interior decoration and design service provides unique solutions for the transformation of your spaces. 

Depending on your project, we get you in contact of reliable service providers, such as architects or interior architects as well as their construction teams.

The heart of my work is to bring your vision to life by the design, the equipment and decoration - up to the final styling.

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Connecting you with my local network

Leveraging my background in Interior Decoration and Design, along with my experience, empathy, and multilingual abilities, I am committed to supporting you throughout your entire real estate project. I share my connections, drawing upon my local network of real estate agents, architects, construction companies, and craftsmen.

Following the design and decoration of your new home to align with your preferences, I extend my assistance by offering recommendations for services like concierge and relocation.

Harnessing my expertise and network, let us join forces to transform your vision into reality and craft the dream home you desire!

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Faciliating communication in face of language barriers

Crafting dream spaces involves more than decoration and materials; it demands meticulous coordination, communication, and flawless execution. 

If you wish to have me as your point of contact for smooth communication in face of language barriers (English, French and German) on your real estate project, here are the services I offer:

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Creating Your Dream Home in Provence or on the Côte d'Azur

I have a well-thought-out decoration process to make sure every part of your home feels balanced and peaceful, reflecting your unique style.

My system prevents any problems or mistakes during our work together. What sets me apart is that I'm full of creative and inspiring ideas, but I always respect your personal preferences. My designs aren't just about looks; they're about telling a story that represents everyone who lives in that space. 


The key elements of this service:

Designing and Planning
Moodboard, shopping list, 2D and 3D renderings plans, video of your project,

Furniture and Accessory Selection
Shopping-List and Documentations

management and follow-up of procurement,

Final Decoration
installation and arrangement, final presentation 

Further on: unlimited email exchanges and personal assistance during the whole project.

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Feel free to talk to me in English, German or French.

Connecting you with my local network

With my experience, empathy, and multilingualism as an Interior Decorator and Designer, along with my network, I am here to assist you from the beginning of your real estate project.

  • I connect you with local real estate agencies familiar with the market, while assisting you as an experienced interior decorator by providing design ideas before or after purchasing your property.

  • If you wish to remodel your property after the purchase, I have an extensive network of local architects, craftsmen, artisans, and suppliers to ensure a smooth transformation of your new home. Collaboration with qualified professionals ensures not only quality but also efficiency in realizing your living dreams.

  • Subsequently, I personally design your new home. In my role as an Interior Decorator and Designer, my goal is to reflect your personal preferences and style in every detail of your property. From furniture selection to color palettes and lighting, I work closely with you to ensure that your home aligns precisely with your vision.

  • If you choose to use your property as a vacation home or rental, I can connect you with reliable concierge services. These services range from regular maintenance of your property to organizing concierge services for your guests.

  • In the event that you are considering a move and wish to enlist the services of a relocation agency, I am here to provide you with adresses. Supporting you in selecting a trustworthy relocation agency that takes care of all logistical aspects of your move can significantly simplify the process.

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Feel free to talk to me in English, German or French.

Facilitating communication in face of language barriers

The goal: A coordinated construction site with a professional team, in a joyful and positive atmosphere... Honesty, responsiveness, and regular communication are the key elements for the success of a project.

  • Facilitating communication with various trades to overcome languages barriers in English, French or German
  • Site meeting with architect and contraction manager on site for their feasibility studies and estimates. Submitting all estimates to you.
  • Discuss with you the estimates
  • Close collaboration with architect or construction manager, who takes on project supervision (including the establishment of the intervention schedule (approved by the client).
  • Regular exchanges with artisans during the work, providing updates in the form of reports and photos of the progress of your project
  • Reporting to you
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Feel free to talk to me in English, German or French.

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