7 steps to create a chill out area in your garden or on your terrace

by Bettina Allmendinger05.04.2023
7 steps to create a chill out area in your garden or on your terrace

If you have a garden or a terrace, you have a treasure, especially in summer. It's the perfect time to take full advantage of it, enjoy it and turn it into a magical place. A place where you can feel like you're on vacation in your own home. So here are some ideas on how to turn your terrace or garden into a chill out area.

With the right decoration elements and a little bit of your special and personal touch, you will see how beautiful it will look. So much, that you never want to leave it again.

You too can have a chill out area at home

What's your idea of chilling? This term is usually associated with balmy summer nights at the beach or enchanting places where you can relax. And that is exactly what a chill out area is - a place in your home where you can relax or have a good time with friends or family. This place of comfort, where you feel good and can leave your everyday life behind you for a moment.

Having a place at home dedicated to relaxation and well-being is fundamental to achieving emotional balance and having time for yourself, your family and friends.

Protect yourself from the sun

If your terrace is in full sun, don't hesitate to put up an awning, parasol, pergola or something else. It is very important to protect yourself from the sun. And they not only protect you, but also your furniture and upholstery. In this way you can extend the life of your furniture, upholstery and cushions.

Choose the right colors and materials

Although the colors depend on your taste, I recommend using a neutral base for your furniture and adding colors in the form of decorative items. You can easily change these depending on the season or your taste.

Fabrics will play a very important role as they help shape the look. Choose earthy tones for your upholstery, such as beige or a muted green, which creates a feeling of calm. Then add decorative pillows with your favorite color.

Cinematic lighting for your chill-out area

Garlands of lights and LED lights are a great idea to add extra lighting to your chill out area. They're budget friendly and, as if that wasn't enough, super easy to decorate too. In addition, some work with a solar battery and that makes them decor artists - no matter where in the garden or on the terrace.

A ceiling lamp, an LED strip, a lantern and a few candles ensure that you have plenty of light of different intensities, creating a very relaxing atmosphere.

So, now up to the 7 options for a perfect chill out look. So are you ready?

1. Outdoor sofa

For every outdoor area, whether terrace, garden or balcony, I recommend to choose outdoor furniture. Remember that extreme weather conditions such as intense heat, sun, rain, wind, etc. can cause them to wear out more easily and it is better to use items made for this purpose.

Try using a bench with some storage or another piece of furniture to store your pillows overnight or when it rains. This way everything lasts longer and they always look perfect. However, if you don't have space, keep them in a closets indoors.

A little tip by the way: If you add some blankets and possibly set up a fire bowl, you can also enjoy this space on cooler days.

chill out area

2. Hanging chair

If you have a garden with trees, you can hang a hanging chair nicely. Or you buy a hanging chair with a stand. This also gives you the option of placing the hanging chair in different places in your garden or on your terrace. The hanging chairs are available in a wonderful PVC rattan weave that looks deceptively real and is very durable.

chill out area

3. Hammocks are always in trend

As an alternative to the hanging chair and undoubtedly a cheaper alternative is a hammock. They are available in many different colors and textures. Again, I recommend choosing a hammock in a neutral earthy tone, like beige, and adding pillows in your favorite color.

chill out area

4. sun lounger

If you like lying in your garden or on your terrace, a nice sun lounger is a great choice. But there is another possibility. You can create an entire area to lie on. You can build a wooden construction on your terrace or in your garden and you can place several outdoor mattresses. This allows you to achieve many different lying options. And with a slightly wider mattress, you have a place for two.

chill out area

5. Pool

Taking a refreshing bath on a hot summer day is a real treat. If you have a suitable garden, there are several ways to install a pool. (Of course you have to follow the local laws). One of the most used pools is clearly the classic pool as a shell or made of concrete, which is laid out with tiles or a pool liner. Or - a much cheaper option - and in most cases possible, an above ground pool. Here I recommend an above-ground pool made of wood (with pool liner), as it can be beautifully integrated into the landscape. Such above ground pools are available in different versions and sizes.

chill out area

6. A bar for great aperitifs or a party

Inviting friends over for an apéro on warm summer nights, throwing a party or sitting comfortably together with the family – these are beautiful moments in life. An outdoor bar is ideal for achieving a chilled atmosphere. This can be designed as you like and is easy to build yourself with little manual skill. Add a beautiful garland of lights and outdoor bar stools - and the chill bar is done! Check out Pinterest for great ideas!

chill out area

7. Add a touch of nature

Plants connect you with nature and can relax everyone. Don't hesitate to reserve a spot for them, and if you can have real flowers, all the better. Some flowers, like jasmine, emit an wonderful aroma on summer nights, and their branches are perfect for a little intimacy. Medium-sized plants like Strelitzia give you additional shade. You can achieve a nice modern Mediterranean flair with them. You can use smaller plants as additional decorations.
If you decorate your plants in beautiful terracotta pots or natural fiber baskets, you also have a great eye-catcher.

chill out area

Have you seen how easy it is to create your own chill out area? You don't need a lot of space (except for a pool, of course), just good planning and a few key elements.

Make it yourself comfortable!
Have a nice day,

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