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Residential Decoration in Provence and at the Côte d'Azur

A residence is not simply a place to live; it represents a sanctuary. A safe place with plenty of space for happiness and inspiration. A place where your interests and needs and those of your loved ones and guests are reflected.

I believe that the best spaces are truly individual and are a reflection of yourself. Because there you will feel comfortable.

With my passion for interior decoration and design, I offer you professional support for your decoration and renovation projects.

I'm Tina Allmendinger, interior decorator and home stylist and I live near Aix-en-Provence, in the heart of the Provence in South of France.

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Spoken languages: English, German and French

Creating Your Individual Sanctuary

My Residential Decoration Services encompass a broad spectrum, ranging from crafting new spaces to revitalizing existing ones, all with the aim of enhancing the concept of home. My approach to residential decoration is consistently welcoming and warm, recognizing that one's home is the most intimate space in their life. I take great pride in nurturing strong connections with my clients, achieved through thorough interviews that unearth the unique design components required to foster tranquility and productivity in their living spaces. 

This insight not only allows me to comprehend their practical requirements but also delves into their lifestyle, personal preferences, and overarching aesthetics. Guiding clients in discovering their design aspirations and inclinations is my area of expertise, and collaboratively, I bring their visions to life. Homeownership not only encourages lasting modifications and permanent design elements such as lighting and flooring but also lends itself to the limitless realms of creativity, where "the sky's the limit".

And at the end of the day you just want to feel good about your home. It’s really that simple. With my Residential Decoration Service we’ll work together to create a home you’ll love for years. 

Thoughtful Decoration Process

I have a well-thought-out decoration process to make sure every part of your home feels balanced and peaceful, reflecting your unique style. 

My system is carefully designed to prevent any problems or mistakes during our work together. What sets me apart is that I'm full of creative and inspiring ideas, but I always respect your personal preferences. My designs aren't just about looks; they're about telling a story that represents everyone who lives in that space.

See the detailed process

The elements of work

You may be wondering about the process involved in crafting these personalized spaces. Let's take a closer look at the specific elements that seamlessly come together under the guidance of my expertise.

Designing and Planning:

My strength lies in the delicate balance between aesthetics and functionality. Whether it's designing living rooms, dining rooms, renovating kitchens and bathrooms, or mapping out room layouts, I ensure that every element fits perfectly and is adorned with the right finishes. These elements collectively bring out the essence of each room, ensuring they are not only visually captivating but also practical and long-lasting.

3D Renderings and Documentation:

In today's digital age, there's no need to rely solely on imagination. My 3D renderings breathe life into conceptual ideas, while my comprehensive documents serve as a guide for skilled craftsmen to bring your dreams to reality.

Furniture and Accessory Selection:

This is where my love for detail comes to expression. From the cozy couch to the focal point that elevates the room's ambiance, I have it all covered. My expertise goes beyond filling spaces; it's about enhancing them with items that resonate with your style. I prioritize durable materials for lasting appeal.


From determining your exact requirements to ensuring that every decorative piece, marble slab or light fixture is sourced and placed exactly as planned, I navigate this complex process with expertise. This includes tasks such as identifying customer needs, evaluating suppliers, ordering the selected products in your name (invoice is sent to your address), managing orders, providing product details, tracking progress, facilitating communication between different parties (vendors, delivery, recipient), resolving any issues, meeting schedules and ensuring customer satisfaction. Imagine the peace of mind you can have if you avoid this complexity and entrust the process to a reliable partner.

Option: Project Communication in Face of Language barriers

Crafting dream spaces involves more than decoration and materials; it demands meticulous coordination, communication, and flawless execution. I'm not a construction manager; however, if you wish to have me as your point of contact for smooth communication in face of language barriers (English, French and German) on your construction or renovation site, here are the services I offer:

Each artisan, architect, constructor etc. has to check the feasibility and create their own design/construction/renovation plans, which correspond to the standards and laws.
Each artisan, architect, constructor etc. is responsible for the execution of his tasks, delivery times, and both civil guarantee and ten-year guarantee (décennale).

  • Facilitating communication with various trades to overcome languages barriers in English, French or German
  • Site meeting with architect and contraction manager on site for their feasibility studies and estimates. Submitting all estimates to you.
  • Discuss with you the estimates
  • Close collaboration with architect or construction manager, who takes on project supervision (including the establishment of the intervention schedule (approved by the client).
  • Regular exchanges with artisans during the work, providing updates in the form of reports and photos of the progress of your project
  • Reporting to you

The goal: A coordinated construction site with a professional team, in a joyful and positive atmosphere... Honesty, responsiveness, and regular communication are the key elements for the success of a project.

See the detailed process

I'm here for you

So, why not let me shape your story? Every home I design carries a unique signature – one that unmistakably reflects your individuality. As you explore the projects I've created, remember that I'm here to create more than just a living space; I craft a reflection of you. 

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Spoken languages: English, German and French


Residential Decoration
in Provence and at the Côte d'Azur

*Prices are for my Residential Decoration Services only.

Costs for any material, furniture, decorative items, etc. as well as renovation work, architect, builder, craftsmen, etc. are not included.

Determining an appropriate budget for your project can depend on various factors such as the scale of the project, the extent of renovations or design changes, the quality of materials, and the specific goals you have in mind. To get a better estimate, I recommend using my user-friendly budget calculator, which can provide you with a more tailored and accurate projection based on your specific desires and plans. Feel free to explore the calculator to better understand the financial considerations for your upcoming project.

step 1

initial in-person meeting
80 € / hour
about 2 hours

(will be deducted when signing the letter of agreement)

step 2

establishing and presenting the Scope of Work 

and your Letter of Agreement

80 € / hour
 establishing about 4h/room

presenting  SOW about 2 h

(will be deducted when signing the letter of agreement)

step 3

design fees
(calculation in stages)
Surface (based on your floor space)
  • ⩽ 40 m²                          70 € / m²
  • from 41 to 80 m²          60 € / m²
  • from 81 to 120 m²         50 € / m²
  • from 121 to 240 m²       40 € / m²
  • ⩾ 241 m²            individual offer
Minimum billing of step 3 
=  2.500€

step 4

Management and follow-up of procurement, installation and final arrangement

(calculation in stages)

total amount of the project (without design fees)
  • ⩽ 100.000 €                          10% of the total amount
  • from 100.000 €
    to 200.000 €                          8% of the total amount
  • ⩾ 200.000 €                           7% of the total amount
Minimum billing of step 4 
=  2.500€


Project Communication in Face of Language barriers

Price on request
Let's talk about your design project

Spoken languages: English, German and French

Your guide of the 3 things to do before hiring an interior decorator!

Three key steps for achieving successful interior decoration. Follow these 3 essential steps to achieve your dream home.
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