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How it works!

The Process

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My approach!

Imagine the moment you open your front door...

Every aspect of your living space has been carefully thought out, with a clear sense of intention and purpose.
The design of your property welcomes guests and entices them to stay. The layout of your living room encourages meaningful conversations, and the colors of the kitchen create a welcoming atmosphere for shared meals.

Even the smallest decorative items in your home have been chosen with care, evoking specific emotions. It's like encountering the very best version of yourself in your own space.

Creating such a personalized environment requires a deep understanding of who you are, how you live, and what resonates with you.

Our detailed process is designed to make it enjoyable and straightforward for you to bask in the happiness and satisfaction of a well-designed home – one that not only meets your deadlines but also stays within your budget.

My thoughtful Decoration Process

Creating magazine-worthy homes begins with this key initial step... 

Meet and Greet:
It all starts with a phone call and a first virtual meeting by Zoom, that I name "Meet and Greet" followed by a first questionnaire that help me to prepare myself four our initial in-person meeting. 

step 1: Initial in-Person Meeting:
On our initial in-person meeting, I learn all about your desires and preferences. Instead of overwhelming you with countless choices, I aim to simplify the process of visualizing your dream space.
Here's how I do it:  I'll present you with images of inspiring interiors, and all you need to do is indicate what you like and dislike with a simple "yes" or "no." Together, we'll envision a beautifully designed home that reflects your personality, suits your lifestyle, and provides a sense of sanctuary. I'll also provide a practical solution, complete with a timeline and initial budget, aligned with your wishes. Through dialogue and questionnaires, we'll precisely define how you want your home to look and feel.

step 2: Establishing the Scope of Work and the Letter of Agreement
After our in-person meeting, I will formalize the detailed Scope of Work and create the Letter of Agreement, including a cost estimate, which I will then present to you in a seconde In-Person Meeting.

step 3: Moving on to the Development Phase:
My philosophy is rooted in the power of happiness that a well-designed, beautiful home can bring. I firmly believe in the power of happiness that is brought to us through a lovely, beautiful home. After attentively listening to your preferences, extracting your choices, and thoughtfully considering your lifestyle and personality, I begin to design and sketch plans (a moodboard, 2D plans with furniture, 3D design plans and a video of a virtual tour of your new space) and initiate sourcing process (a design term for shopping). This involves continuous searching for the right elements to craft a design presentation that translates your preferences into reality. This development phase eliminates confusion and helps you easily visualize your ideal space, transforming your dream into a home you’re proud of. With my 3D renderings I breathe life into conceptual ideas, while my comprehensive documents serve as information for skilled craftsmen ( to bring your dreams to reality.

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step 4:  Management and Follow-Up of Procurement:
To make interior home design a success, you not only need to know what you want, but also where to obtain it. This leads us to the procurement phase, the fourth step in our process. I don't exclusively collaborate with a particular supplier. Instead, I collaborate with suppliers that perfectly align with the requirements of your project. You can relax while I take care of all the details for you, including tasks like:

  • Creating purchase orders in your name (invoices are sent to you).
  • Confirming that vendors have received the orders.
  • Ensuring orders are paid and in progress.
  • Tracking deliveries to the receiving warehouse.
  • Communicating with the vendors.
  • Handling any issues, such as receiving damaged, broken, back-ordered, or incorrect items.
  • Coordination of assembly of furniture and decorative items (The assembly is carried out by craftsmen)
  • I handle all these behind-the-scenes tasks so you can avoid the stress of chasing down vendors, payments, and returns

Finally, the Installation Phase:
Picture the moment you step into your "new" home and can't help but smile. I take great joy in delivering that heartwarming moment to my clients - the moment when you experience the relief and happiness of your newly designed home.

The dream home you once envisioned comes to life in the final phase of our process: the installation. I'll arrange the installation of all the items you've selected. This can be done in one day or, for larger projects, in stages. Clients provide me with a key, I schedule my visit, they notify their household staff, and I make the magic happen! Once all the major pieces are in place, I add the finishing touches and ensure that the design flows seamlessly throughout the different rooms.

This isn't just about furniture or design; it's about the profound feeling of "coming home."

Option: Project Communication in Face of Language barriers

Crafting dream spaces involves more than decoration and materials; it demands meticulous coordination, communication, and flawless execution. I'm not a construction manager; however, if you wish to have me as your point of contact for smooth communication in face of language barriers (English, French and German) on your construction or renovation site, here are the services I offer:

Each artisan, architect, constructor etc. has to check the feasibility and create their own design/construction/renovation plans, which correspond to the standards and laws.
Each artisan, architect, constructor etc. is responsable for the execution of his tasks, delivery times, and both civil guarantee and ten-year guarantee (décennale).

  • Facilitating communication with various trades to overcome languages barriers in English, French or German
  • Site meeting with architect and contraction manager on site for their feasibility studies and estimates. Submitting all estimates to you.
  • Discuss with you the estimates
  • Close collaboration with architect or construction manager, who takes on project supervision (including the establishment of the intervention schedule (approved by the client).
  • Regular exchanges with artisans during the work, providing updates in the form of reports and photos of the progress of your project
  • Reporting to you

The goal: A coordinated construction site with a professional team, in a joyful and positive atmosphere... Honesty, responsiveness, and regular communication are the key elements for the success of a project.

I'm here for you!

So, why not let me shape your story? Every home I design carries a unique signature – one that unmistakably reflects your individuality. As you explore the projects I've created, remember that I'm here to create more than just a living space; I craft a reflection of you. 

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