9 essentials for a home office

9 essentials for a home office

Home office - the conditions have to be right

Working from home – sounds like heaven at first. But before you start as a self-employed person or as an employee try to work from home permanently, you have to create the necessary conditions at home. Not every apartment is suitable as a professional working place. A spacious apartment or a classic cottage in the countryside is ideal.

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Initial equipment for a home office:

This is what you need for an optimally set up for a home office:

- Ergonomic office chair
- Desk (ideally height-adjustable so you can work while standing)
- Storage options such as roll containers or cupboards
- Sufficient lighting (daylight, desk lamp, overhead lighting)
- Computer with keyboard and mouse
- one or two screens of at least 22 inches
- a notebook stand or docking station (if using a laptop)
- possibly headset for conferences

------- and fresh flowers or plants. This ensures a good indoor climate and makes you happy

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