5 tips to make a small room look bigger

5 tips to make a small room look bigger

A reduced color design of furniture and walls makes small rooms appear much more spacious. Rely on hidden storage space that makes your home look calm and tidy. Provide many small light sources that are distributed in the room and place the carefully selected furniture so that open spaces are created. Then even small, previously unloved rooms will become your new feel-good rooms.

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1/ Paint your room with bright colors. White and pastels intensify the daylight and ensure that the room appears bright and tidy.

2/ Choose slim furniture wisely to increase space in materials such as glass, metal or light wood tones that reflect the light

3/ Furniture with hidden storage instead of open shelves. Open shelves can quickly become untidy and make the room appear cramped and cluttered. That's why it's better to use closed or partially open shelves.

4/ Indirect lighting ensures that rooms appear more spacious. Spots, floor lamps, and table lamps mounted on walls are good choices for simulating height and width.

5/ Place furniture along the walls and create open spaces. Hang pictures a little higher than usual. This makes the ceiling appear higher than it actually is.

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