4-Day-Power Workshop

Interior Decoration
Workshop in Provence

 Lean how to decorate your home in a modern Mediterranean style

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What would it mean to you, if you could turn your home into your DREAM home yourself?

Embracing the modern Mediterranean style while learning decorating or designing your home adds an extra layer of charm and warmth to your home. It's not just about making decisions; it's about infusing that coastal, natural elegance into your space, creating a welcoming atmosphere that's both stylish and relaxing.

Wouldn't you love to effortlessly blend splendid decorations, taking inspiration from the Mediterranean using a natural color palette and ethnic elements?

Perhaps, you're uncertain about how to tastefully decorate your home with pictures, flowers, and beautiful home accessories, all while capturing the essence of Mediterranean aesthetics. Wondering what sets the decoration experts on Instagram and Pinterest apart, with their ability to seamlessly blend the traditional and the contemporary in a Mediterranean context?

That's why I've put together this workshop, specifically designed to guide you through every step, marrying the principles of modern Mediterranean decor with professional finesse. Join me, and together, we'll uncover the secrets to adorning your living space with that irresistible Mediterranean flair, infusing your home with the perfect blend of natural serenity and contemporary style.

I'm Tina Allmendinger, interior decorator and home stylist and I live near Aix-en-Provence, in the heart of the Provence in South of France.

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Spoken languages: English, German and French

Unlock your inner interior decorator!

If you've been longing to transform your home into a stunning modern Mediterranean-style haven but aren't sure where to start, then consider enrolling in my interior decoration workshop in the heart of Provence.

Imagine you could...

  • gain a deep understanding of how light, colors, and textures harmonize

  • develop your unique style, allowing you to create a space that truly reflects your personality

  • start thinking like a pro and bring to life the interior you've always dreamt of.
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Spoken languages: English, German and French

Discover the art of decorating your home in a modern Mediterranean style with the expertise of a pro, right in the heart of enchanting Provence!

You want a nice cozy home, but finding yourself uncertain about where to begin? You might have questions like:

  • How can I discover my unique living style?
  • What tools and technology are essential?
  • How do I achieve harmonious lighting?
  • Where can I find colors and textures that resonate with me?
  • How can I seamlessly incorporate my existing decor?

And countless more inquiries!

You might be lacking the time, energy, and the motivating environment needed to put these ideas into action.

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Spoken languages: English, German and French

During this 4-day power workshop, where each day features 4 hours of dedicated, hands-on support from me, you will receive:

  • A step-by-step guide on discovering your unique living style and how to enhance it independently.

  • Expertise and proficiency in crafting stylish and tasteful decorations.

  • Confidence to beautify your rooms in an aesthetically pleasing manner, armed with the knowledge of how colors, flooring, pictures, textiles, and accessories can elevate the living ambiance.

  • A comprehensive workbook with specialized insights and practical tips drawn from my professional experience in decoration.

  • Personalized support for creative tasks related to your home.

  • A boost in self-confidence regarding your capabilities, creativity, and skills for enhancing your own living space.

Join us for a 4-day intensive program where we will develop your prototype, enabling you to effortlessly design and decorate all the rooms in your home independently!

How, you ask?

Step by step, we will break down the process into manageable chunks that you can implement right away, ensuring timely results. This journey will take you from discovering your unique living style to analyzing your room and lifestyle, creating a mood board, and complete shopping list.

At the end of the program, you will:

  • Have a splendidly finished home design ready for immediate implementation at home
  • Have absorbed and implemented a wealth of knowledge in a short span of time
  • And a contented smile on your face!

But wait, there's more! As an added bonus, after the course, I will personally design a 3D plan for you, complete with a virtual tour of the room you worked on during the 4 days! My design will be oriented to the mood board and shopping list you created, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience.

Incidentally, I can tell you from experience that it is a lot of fun to learn in such a beautiful area. It will be exciting 4 days.

  • Exciting, because it's just a great feeling to work  focused on your own home design and to see how it develops.

  • Exciting because you will do the workshop in a small group, which will become a tight-knit community that supports each other. The energy is almost electric! A great energy!

  • Exciting because it feels awesome when you hold your finished home design in your hands and you can't wait to put it into practice at home.
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Spoken languages: English, German and French

Alright, no more raving. Let's dive into what you can expect at the Interior Decoration Power Workshop!

Here's what each day of the workshop entails:

Day 1: Kick-off & Room and Lifestyle Analysis

We kick off the workshop by delving into what makes you feel truly at home. This day is dedicated to an in-depth analysis of your rooms and lifestyle.

Day 2: Living Style, Room Planning, and Layout

We focus on discovering your unique living style down to the finest details. Based on a room of your choice, we'll create a comprehensive plan, which we'll continue to refine over the next few days.

Day 3: Crafting Your Mood Board

A highlight for many participants – the mood board. Step by step, I'll guide you through the process, equipping you with the right techniques to create it on your own.

Day 4: Building Your Shopping List & Reflection

You'll compile a comprehensive shopping list for the chosen room, covering everything from the baseboard, wall color, flooring, lighting, furniture, to the final decorations.

As a final touch, I'll provide you with a roadmap to help you effectively implement your design at home. With this, you'll be well-equipped to develop and execute your first "self-designed" home decor and future projects.

Plus, here's the big bonus:

After the course, I will generate a 3D plan for you, complete with a virtual room tour of the space we worked on together over the four days, all based on your mood board and shopping list.

But that's not all!

Following the power workshop, we'll conduct an intensive follow-up discussion via Zoom, where I'll continue to support and guide you in your implementation journey.

How does it work?

In this comprehensive 4-day program we work together in a small group of max. 5 participants for 4 hours in the morning on your decoration process!

❤ We will engage in intensive collaboration for four hours every morning over the course of four days. By the end of this journey, you will hold a detailed decoration plan in your hand, allowing you to seamlessly execute your interior design vision at home.

❤ Our focus will remain on a small, exclusive group with a maximum of five participants, ensuring a high level of personalized support. In the afternoons, you will have the opportunity to review and fine-tune your designs and refining your interior design skills.

❤ As part of the program, you will receive a comprehensive workbook with specialized knowledge and insights on decoration, alongside a plethora of practical tips drawn from my everyday professional experience.

❤ On two evenings, we will embark on delightful excursions, complete with dinners in the picturesque setting of Provence. This strengthens creativity and team spirit! After all, what would a powerful workshop in Provence be without experiencing the beauty of the region?

++ As an added bonus ++
Following the course, I will design a 3D plan for you, complete with a virtual tour of the room you worked on during those 4 days! This design will be oriented on your mood board and shopping list.

++ And there's another significant advantage ++
After the power workshop, we will engage in an intensive follow-up discussion via Zoom, where I will provide you with guidance and support as you embark on your implementation journey.

Doesn't that sound fantastic?

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Spoken languages: English, German and French

Course requirements

For this power workshop in Provence, you don't require any specialized design expertise, but a strong desire and a positive attitude are essential to become your own professional decorator!

To participate effectively, you'll need a laptop or a notebook, as we'll collaborate on your designs. We primarily use the programs Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Pinterest and Canva (free version)

Additionally, please ensure you have a reliable internet connection before the course begins (WiFi/WLAN is available). This way, you'll be fully prepared to engage in the workshop and make the most of the experience.

What is the investment for the Interior Decoration Power Workshop in Provence?

998,- Euro

Arrival, accommodation and meal is not included in the price.

4 days workshop of 4 hours intensive course in Provence
an extensive workbook
on two evenings a Provence tour including dinner
templates for creating your mood board and shopping list

a 3D plan with a virtual tour of the room that you worked on the 4 days !!!

follow-up meeting via Zoom
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Spoken languages: English, German and French

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