8 lighting tips to create atmosphere

by Tina Allmendinger20.12.2022
8 lighting tips to create atmosphere

Light is one of the fundamental elements in your home. Lighting can have a huge impact on your mood. Bright light helps you feel alert and awake, while softer light can be relaxing.

But light can do even more: you can play with light so that a room appears larger. I share with you a few basic rules that you can use to light up your home well.

1. Create a lighting plan

If you are starting from scratch to design or decorate a space, create a lighting plan. First think about the following points:

  • Is there enough natural light coming through windows and doors?
  • How can you place your furniture, so that enough light comes in from outside?
  • Which activities should take place in the individual rooms (eating, relaxing, working)?
  • What key features of the space do you want to highlight?
  • How is the room layout?
  • Are there any architectural features that you should take into account? e.g. very high ceilings?

It is also important to consider your style of design, which color tone and which brightness you want to choose for your rooms before you make any decisions.

Incidentally, early planning is very relaxing and prevents last-minute decisions!

2. Work with artificial light on 3 lighting levels

  • Suspension or ceiling lamps to illuminate large areas or even tables and works of art.
  • Floor lamps to create a pleasant feeling of space or to make the room appear larger
  • Work lamps or reading lamps for spot lighting

If you work with these 3 lighting levels, your room will be optimally illuminated and you can create a nice atmosphere in your room. Choose the right size of your lighting. Ceiling lights or pendant lamps hung up high, makes a room appear larger, low hung pendants makes large rooms appear cozier.

3. Make sure your working light is helpful

Think about the work you want to do in the different rooms. How can lighting influence and support you.

In the kitchen, for example, you need a bright spot light to cook. Therefore, a combination of bright downlights above stove tops and worktops and softer niche lighting in cupboards makes sense.

In the living room, for reading, flexible and directional lighting aimed away from you is better.

In bathrooms it requires a combination of sidelights and downlights.

You'll also find out that dimmers become your new best friends. They offer an energy efficient and effective way to quickly change the atmosphere and warmth of a space.

4. Choose the bulb carefully

The bulbs you choose should be more than an afterthought, racing through the hardware store, when you realize they've blown. Here you should note the following:

How bright do you need your room?

Depending on the atmosphere you want to achieve, you should choose the watts of your bulb. Generally speaking, lower watts correspond to warmer temperatures and more closely, resemble candlelight (warm light). Whereas high watts corresponds to a colder temperature and is more like daylight (cold light).

5. Use spots to highlight feats or other favorites

With spots or spotlights you can draw attention to a special wall, painting or even an architectural element.

6. Make your guests feel welcome

Warm but sufficiently bright light above a dining table is good for making guests feel welcome.

7. Light the way at night

Maybe it has happened to you before: you have to get up at night and turn on the light in the bathroom.... and then you see nothing at all! Invest in special floor lighting for the hallways, staircase and bathroom to create a warm, soft light for orientation.

8. Less is more

Make sure that you create as uniform lighting as possible throughout your home. Too many different styles and color light tones can confuse the eye and cause discomfort. Stick to a theme, color scheme, and material finishes.

Neutral, lighter tones open up a space and make it appear larger, pops of color (e.g. through lampshades) add interest, while darker tones add a touch of luxury and coziness. Keep it simple and consistent.

Hope these tips helps you create a cozy atmosphere in your home! If you get stuck in your planning and implementation, I will be happy to help you.

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