Imagine, you come home and you just feel good!

You want to renovate or decorate your home by yourself? 

Without sleepless nights because of budget nightmares or questions about whether you have chosen the right products?



I was where you are...

Free content and paid “opportunities” went nowhere and I asked myself:

  • how do I find my interior style?
  • how do I create harmonious lighting?
  • how do I find colors and textures that suit me?
  • how do I integrate my furniture and existing decoration?
  • what tools and technology do I need?
  • how to make a budget plan

and so many more questions!

But after I did my apprenticeship as an interior designer everything changed. Not only have I furnished my home beautifully, but I have also helped my clients to furnish their homes in the way they have always wanted! 

And you can too! How?

It's the basics of interior design that I like to teach because everything builds on that.

Want to find out how you can style your home?

So you are in the right place!

Because you will not only get the know-how from me, but also a step-by-step strategy to create your own design template, that you can use to style every single room in your home!

Gone are the days of "I really want a nice cozy home, but I don't know how to do it..." or "I'm not good at decorating".

Are you ready for a beautiful home?

"DECORATE YOUR HOME WITH EASE" is an online course that will really get you going. Together we will create your own decoration template, which you can implement directly at home!

What makes the online course "DECORATE YOUR HOME WITH EASE" different from other decoration online courses?

My mission is not that you just learn how to style and decorate your home. My mission is that you change your life with your own living ideas and finally live the way you have always wanted.

My dream is to bring more happiness and well-being into your home. I firmly believe in the power of happiness that comes from a beautiful home. With my passion for interior design and decoration, I like to take care of the place where you live. Your home is not just a simple place, it is your personal sanctuary, a visual identity of yourself and a place to nourish your happiness and well-being.

For this reason, I have developed a strategy with that you  learn to develop your own personal decoration template. A template that you can use to redecorate not just one room, but your entire home.

And it will be a course with my supervision. That means after your course we fix a Zoom meeting and I'll answer your questions about your design and your implementation!

It will be an exciting online course:

  • exciting, because it's just a great feeling to be so focused on your own home design and to see how it's developing.

  • exciting, because you will do the workshop not only just for you but also for your loved ones. A great energy!

  • exciting, because it feels SO GREAT when you hold your finished decoration template in your hand and you can't wait to implement it.

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Without further ado - what is waiting for you at my 


5 exclusive video lessons

Every week you enroll your new module with your exclusive video lesson. 

Workbook including templates

Every week you will receive your tasks with my step-by-step instructions, everything broken down into immediately implementable chunks that will get you going and bring you results in a timely manner.

For that I...

... created an extensive workbook and

... templates designed to save time

Finally, I will give you a roadmap on how to implement your decoration at home the best way

++ BONUS!!! ++
After the online course we fix a Zoom meeting to have an intensive follow-up support , in which you can ask me questions and I will support you in your implementation.

And at the end you have:

  • a great ready-made decoration template, with YOUR living style, YOUR own concept, YOUR strategy that you can use for all other rooms,
  • learned and implemented as much as never before in such a short time for your home
  • a roadmap on how to implement the whole thing and make it a reality
  • confidence in your skills and creativity
  • and a rather satisfied smile on your face!

You're perfectly prepared to decorate your home the way you've always wanted!

Course requirements

You don't need any special prior knowledge of decoration for this online workshop - but a lot of desire and a good mood to become your own professional decorator!

You need a computer, laptop or notebook so that we can work together on your decoration project. We mainly work with the programs: Word, Powerpoint and Pinterest - and of course you also need an internet connection - so please make sure that you are connected to the internet before the course starts!

When does it start?

The course will start soon. When you are on my waiting list, I will contact you by email to send you all details.

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Are you ready for a beautiful home?

Come with me on the styling and decotation journey!

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